Bec O'Brien aka darby, is a diverse creative currently located in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Her painting and illustrative practise flourished when she was accepted into Alpha House Artist Co-operative in Newtown, Sydney in 2019. It was there darby began sketching her fellow muso pals at gigs on napkins and coasters or scrap bits of paper, in a prolific graduation to realising her own style. 

darby was gifted her own studio at the artist co-operative in 2020, curating group shows with her painting partner in crime Presley Joy-Paget and selling works to fund her instate move to Melbourne in early 2022. 

She has been commissioned for her self-taught illustrative themed animation music videos as well as murals and paintings and is working towards exhibiting in her first solo show 2022. 

Photo by Van Bartel, 2021